HoneyBull Shower Mirror for Shaving Fogless with Suction, Razor Holder & Swivel (White)

as of June 17, 2021 6:13 am


  • SHAVE IN THE SHOWER: Save time by shaving in the shower with our fogless shower mirror
  • DOES NOT FOG: The anti-fog coating will keep the mirror fog free in hot steamy showers. No need to run it under water. It just works, every time
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply twist to lock our powerful suction cup into place. Holds tight on all shower surfaces
  • RAZOR HOOK: Store your razor conveniently on the mirror. Great for bathroom accessories
  • TRAVEL READY: Compact and flat mirror is ready to pack away anywhere


Each Shower Mirror is coated in an anti-fog film. The film prevents hot water vapor from sticking to the mirror’s surface and causing it to fog up. Even if one mirror is foggy, this one will not!


No more cleaning out the sink after every shave. Shaving in the shower let’s you focus on your shave without making a mess. The humidity in a hot shower also opens up your pores for a closer shave.